Advertise Your Property For Sale

We can promote your property both locally and Worldwide via innovative marketing techniques designed to reach the ever-changing pool of buyers searching for; a change of scenery, a change of lifestyle, an investment for the future or that dream home!
We don’t just wait for buyers to stumble across our website to see your property is for sale – we go out and target them. Initially, we cross-reference all new listings with our growing database of buyers that have asked to be informed about properties meeting certain criteria. We also target buyers on an ongoing basis via ‘associative contextual marketing’. This powerful technique targets buyers who may have an idea what they want but aren’t 100% decided. Associating properties that these buyers might not otherwise have considered with those that they will, creates increased awareness and the potential for more sales!
Central to this philosophy is our series of geographical and thematic websites which utilize our unique ‘Click Search’ methodology. This technique encourages buyers to search using terms less specific than they would normally use and therefore ‘associate‘ more properties within the criteria they have chosen*SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER*Advertise your property with us and we’ll offer a dedicated ‘For Sale’ website to help your sales campaign for just US$76
EXAMPLE: – To advertise your property until it’s sold on this website and any 3 others from the list below would cost: $99 + (3 x $29) = US$186.00.
1 – Your property will enter at the uppermost available position of a maximum of Ten (10) properties that are displayed on our Homepage at any one time. As other properties are added your listing will gradually descend down the page, however, at any point, during your subscription, you may opt to ‘Bump!‘ your listing to the top again for a nominal fee.
2 – Your Ad will be displayed until your property has been sold but to maintain the accuracy of our database, your Ad must be reconfirmed every 6 months.
3 – Promotion applies when subscribing to any other Real Estate Property For Sale Group website at full price. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer. You may include as many websites as you wish however, your property must be within the coverage of the websites you select in order to be eligible for inclusion. Your property will be displayed under the terms and conditions of your paid subscriptions and of the specific websites on which it features.